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Most epic movie characters of all times...

2009-12-21 12:31:22 by Vadent

Well if your browsing and happen across this post then YE GODS! Comment your favourite badass, elloquent, motherfucking GLORIOUS movie heros and why they are the best. There are so many geniously devised characters out there - lets give them some props! Heres a few of my personal favs.
The Butcher from Gangs of NY
Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet
V from V for Vendetta
Walt from Gran Torino
and ofc the timeless
Joker from Batman Dark Knight. Boom. Comment.

Most epic movie characters of all times...

Shit yeya if ye can program AVAST!

2009-08-30 21:41:14 by Vadent

I'm pretty mad at animation and have been sketching out some GLORIOUS ideas since i was a small twiglet. I have about a hundred flash games in the make but they all have hit brick walls with my one downfall - SCRIPTING! SO this is a shout to all the wonderful scripters out there if you are ADVANCED at flash scripting (I have taught myself through many years of monastery discipline to code at an intermediate level) then maybe we could forge an unstoppable force of a team to shake the very foundations of newgrounds! I've got it all in the works, serious shit, fucking crazy stuff; everything from rpg's to platforms to brawlers. I JUST NEED A PARTNER IN CRIME.

So if you think you can rise to this epic challenge, coders of the net, then PM me goddamit! And let the glory begin!