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Most epic movie characters of all times...

Posted by Vadent - December 21st, 2009

Well if your browsing and happen across this post then YE GODS! Comment your favourite badass, elloquent, motherfucking GLORIOUS movie heros and why they are the best. There are so many geniously devised characters out there - lets give them some props! Heres a few of my personal favs.
The Butcher from Gangs of NY
Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet
V from V for Vendetta
Walt from Gran Torino
and ofc the timeless
Joker from Batman Dark Knight. Boom. Comment.

Most epic movie characters of all times...

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Silver Metal Guy from Terminator 2

ha fair shout

disagree with tybalt
the cpt from 300 you know the guy who's son gets beheaded he was a badass
or achilles in troy
but tybalt was a faggot who couldn't kill purposefully and killed mercutio by mistake
just my thoughts wheres my penny!?

GODAMN?! This is an outrage sir! Tybalt was insanely epic. Okay killing mercutio wasnt his greatest moment but apart from that he was insane. His opening entrance scene at the gas station blew my fucking mindo out of my head! Your right though epic bloodlusting captain was insane. Good shout.

a few that come to mind:

Iron man (not the one from the comics/cartoons but the one from the newer movie with Robert Downey Jr.)
Jack Skellington from The Nightmare before Christmas
The Count of Monte Christo (I don't know many people who watched the movie "the count of Monte Christo, but the count was AWESOME!!!)
and my all-time favorite, CAPN JACK SPARROW!!!1111

yes yes yes yes!!!! You sir are a true gentleman.

Tyler Durden

And if you haven't seen Oldboy, well then:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufss5ot_vGE">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufss5o t_vGE</a>

holy yam brethren - this looks fucking insane! Im lookin it up already.

Elias from Platoon
Jack Slater from last action hero
Ajax from the warriors
the kurgan from the highlander
Ash from Evil Dead
Gandalf the Grey
Darth Vader

Your a dark little man my friend - yes these guys are badass mofuckers but they're a shitfest evil selection of epic heros. MATE! I just spotted gandalf amidst these bad boys. Redeemed.